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Casey Rodgers - Top 5 Canadian Female

Casey Rodgers - Top 5 Canadian Female

Over the past few years, Poach Pro Team's Casey Rodgers from Kamloops, BC has made a name for herself in Canadian pickleball. 2022 has proven to be no different, only solidifying her spot as a top 5 female in Canada. Opponents shouldn't be fooled by her shorter height or off-court sweetness. When Casey steps on the court she holds nothing back. She is the type of athlete that lets results speak for themselves. A look at Casey's 2022 results:


Grip n Rip - Women's 5.0+

Kamloops Open - Women's 5.0+

Kelowna Open - Women's 5.0+

Vernon Rally in the Valley - Women's 5.0+ & Mixed 5.0+


Vernon Battle in the Palace - Mixed 5.0+


Seattle Metro - Women's PRO

APP Casa Grande - Mixed 5.0+

Coquitlam - Mixed 5.0+

Kelowna Open - Mixed 5.0+


It is an exciting time in Canadian Pickleball as more opportunities arise for top players like Casey. Be sure to follow her journey to an APP Gold Medal by following us on Facebook and Instagram @poachpickleball.

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