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Our first batch of Havoc M3 paddles SOLD OUT in less than a week! Get yours today before they're gone again!

The Havoc M3 is a REVOLUTIONARY 16mm EDGELESS THERMOFORMED UNIBODY paddle. It features a honeycomb core for soft touches and a molded 3K CARBON FIBRE for intense power. The M3 combines *NEW* 3D Diamond-Grit technology and our Hyper-Grit technology for the most spin ever offered by an edgeless paddle.

With the most advanced technology in pickleball, a slick black and gold design, and Limited Lifetime Warranty, the only words used to describe the M3 are "game changing". Every Havoc M3 comes with a FREE premium paddle case.


Length - 16.5” 

Width - 7.5”

Handle Length - 5.5”

Handle Circumference - 4.15”

Approx. Weight - 8oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Chris Lambert (British Columbia, Canada)
Amazing paddle!

When I pre-order this paddle I didn’t know what to expect but I will say I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. It comes in a really great paddle cover and looks even better in person.

Playability of the paddle is fantastic. It took a couple games to get used to but once I got the feel for it, my game improved. It has a soft feel to it for good drops but I’m still able to generate a ton of power. As far as my spin goes… I have tried other edgeless paddles and the grit on the M3 out performs all of them by a mile. I highly recommend the M3 to any serious players.

Eleanor Dear (British Columbia, Canada)
Nice paddle for my game.

Still need to adjust to the way it hits the ball, especially during the soft game. Love the weight, handle grip,and it’s pepper!

A.G. (Washington, United States)
Beautiful paddle, unbelievable power

I have been using this paddle for a few months now and I have been nothing but impressed. The touch on it is soft enough for great dinking and resets, but has plenty of power to put shots away. This and the longer handle that allows for my two handed backhand has made the M3 my go to. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a paddle that will last.

Carrie Hallett (New Brunswick, Canada)
Havoc M3. Love love love

I have been using Poach for a year and a half now and have loved the Defender, then the Podium 2.0 16 mm for control and now I am loving my Havoc M3!!! Power, control, and my power at the net is even more intimidating than it’s ever been! Took a couple games to get used to it but love it now!!

Jessica Brown (Mexico City, Mexico)
Bring the Havoc!!

Your opponents will despise you! The perfect precision balance in the hand. From back of the court power to swiftness at the net this is the ultimate battle sword on the courts! Delivers my favourite topspin and easy touch for control at the net. Nothing comparable out there and I love the “oh s*#@“ from my opponents when they pop up to my double backhand with this baby!!!