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Poach Clinics Hits the Road for 2024

Poach Clinics Hits the Road for 2024

"I had to learn pro pickleball strategy on my own by dissecting countless hours of pro-level footage. I took an analytic approach and asked myself why the sequences were happening in the way they were. When you have fair understanding of the game of pickleball, you recognize there are patterns. When you truly understand the game of pickleball you'll realize why particular sequences take place. Understanding to this degree takes the indecision out of the sport. It is fun to be crafty and try new shots, but there truly is balance to the game. If the opponent is positioned at X and the ball is at Y then I would be wise to do Z. These are the skills most players do not possess and it is why so many players plateau."

- Brett Forsythe

Pro Pickleball Player (Vancouver Rush) CNPL Signed & CPA Pro Tour Signed


Pickleball enthusiasts, listen up!

Poach Pickleball clinics are rapidly selling out across western Canada. It's no surprise why players are scrambling to secure their spots as Poach heads to Victoria, BC (June 14 & 15), Lethbridge, AB (June 19th and 20th), and Lac Pelletier, SK (June 22nd and 23rd). These clinics aren't just your run-of-the-mill sessions; they're engaging experiences led by certified instructors who've made their mark on the professional pickleball scene.

What makes Poach clinics stand out? It's a winning combination of expertise and innovation. Our instructors are skilled players who have honed their craft and continue to succeed at the professional level. With a methodology forged through countless hours on the court and a deep understanding of the game's nuances, Poach clinics offer more than just tips and tricks. We provide a roadmap to success, guiding players through strategies and techniques that can only come from professional play.

If you're eager to learn the "why" behind pickleball strategy, reach out to us at so we can discuss bringing Poach clinics to your club/city. Let's spread the love of pickleball and elevate the game nationwide. Don't settle for average when you can learn how to think like the pros. With Poach, you're guaranteed the correct advice to shatter that plateau and ascend to the next level of play.

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